Inform Your Shareholders
Shareholders need to be informed with messaging that goes beyond the basics. Using multiple communications channels, FGI helps our clients to impart valuable information that allows institutional and retail shareholders to make informed decisions. Whether through financial, crisis and corporate advertising or shareholder materials, such as annual and sustainability reports, 10-K’s, proxy brochures, white papers, fact sheets, shareholder-focused websites and other digital communications, we help clients to create the kind of materials that get noticed and compel people to act.
FGI understands that every situation is unique and it’s critical for clients to engage in a transparent and open communication with their audience. Working directly with corporations, proxy solicitors, public relations agencies, law firms, investment bankers and others, we tailor our recommendations to fit the requirements. Few companies have the experience and success that FGI has in this field. We have worked with some of the largest companies in the world, and on some of the most high profile transactions, with utmost confidentiality, attention to detail, speed, precision and effectiveness.