Create a First Impression
First impressions matter – and a first impression is almost always visual. Using the power of creativity, knowledge, insight and experience, FGI helps our clients create stories – authentic stories told in words and images – that reveal who they are, what they offer, and why they are different. In today’s media and message-filled world, our goal is help clients eliminate the trivial clutter and cut through the noise, allowing a true message to emerge that is direct, meaningful, relevant and memorable.
In addition to creating imaginative and innovative ads that are product- and service-oriented, FGI works with major corporations, public relations firms, proxy solicitors and others to produce financial advertising that is specialized and extends across the full range of investor relations activities.
We also help our clients to develop a media plan that focuses on their campaign objectives. Over the years, FGI has built a solid relationship with publications around the globe, allowing us to provide our clients with immediate answers, excellent data research, practical recommendations, exclusive opportunities, and the best prices and placements possible in our client’s target markets. In all areas of advertising, FGI helps our clients affect change and reach optimum results.